Living the Art & telling stories through Canvases – The Story of Dinkar Jadhav

Dinkar Jadhav
Living the Art & telling stories through Canvases – The Story of Dinkar Jadhav

Like in most of the metropolis, where we wake up, go to work, sleep, that’s all; there are some extraordinary living beings who breathes art 24/7 and Dinkar Jadhav is one of them. Been Painting since he was in Junior KG, he never looked for rewards and just kept doing what he loved and even today all he does is inhale oxygen, exhale Co2 and create stories on the canvases. This Canvas Maestro has held 8 Solo Shows, more than 100 International shows, Charity Events and also participated in various National/International Art Camps. Residing in the ‘Oxford of the East’, just hand him a paint brush and he can even color up the dark! You must know how he made it by being the pioneer of professional Canvas Painting scene in India.

Quick Facts

Known As Dinkar Jadhav
Father’s Name Vishnu Jadhav
Mother’s Name Lilabai Jadhav
imd1 for Painting, Art
Birthday 21st June 1972
  • Awarded at Prafulla Art foundation Kalanand Contest- 2016
  • Achieved the V.V. Oak Award, Pune – 2009
  • Awarded by The Bombay Art Society – 2009
  • Awarded by Art Society of India – 2009
  • State Art Award for Portrait Painting – 1995
  • Best Landscape Annual Awards - 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994
  • 1st Annual Award for Sketching – 1990
Place / From Pune, Maharashtra

Beyond Painting

Favorite Personalities Van Gogh, Joseph Mallord William Turner, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj, Kishore Kumar, Kapil Dev
Food I Love Everything
Food I Hate Nothing as such
Had I not been Singer then… I would have been a Sportsman
Like Vacations at Shimla, Mahabaleshwar and such Hilly areas
Favorite Pass time Listening to Music and Dancing
Favorite Movies/Series Lagaan and Dangal
Favorite Actor/Actress Amitabh Bachchan, Amir Khan, Akshay Kumar