We are imd1

‘imd1 – Yes, I Am The 1’ is conceptualized by Aidia Technovations Private Limited , a Mumbai & Pune based startup. Aidia Technovations works strongly on the belief that human element in technovations will help us to design & develop optimal solutions to meet the transforming society requirements. Technovation is an enabler for inclusiveness to empower people.

imd1 is a one-stop solution for co-curricular learning and interests of MADS (Music, Art, Dance and Sports), be it for every parent who is worried about child’s co-curricular learning or every individual who wants to pursue and showcase their talent.

While launching this series of interviews by our identified legends and stars, our ultimate goal is to have YOU, our readers become a part of our “imd1 – Yes, I Am The 1” series in coming years by pursuing your dreams and grabbing the numero Uno position in your areas of interest!