Dr. Arindam Paul
Education Institution ROFEL Shri G. M. & Bilakhia College of Pharmacy, Vapi
Dignitary Name Dr. Arindam Paul
Designation Principal

What are the key initiatives and facilities of your institution for MADS (Music, Art, Dance and Sport) as beyond education?

We at ROFEL provide a wide platform for students of our college to show their cultural abilities in Music, Art, Dance and Sports. We arrange sports days, cultural activities and annual functions in which students participate with full enthusiasm and show their talent. Apart from this, we also encourage them to participate in such activities organized at state or national level.

What is your perspective of importance of MADS in overall development of students?

We at ROFEL consider that along with education, other curricular activities should be included in the academic session so that the whole environment of education becomes burden free as students get a platform to show their passion and talent for MADS.

What are the key achievements of your institutions/any students for MADS at national/international or other levels?

As mentioned above, we encourage our students to participate at state/national level. Many of our students have participated in various sports activities carried out at state level.

What are your suggestions to improvise MADS learnings at grassroots levels?

Institutions as well as parents should always encourage their children to participate in various activities of their interest, which will eventually build up his/her overall personality.

What are your personal favorites in MADS and how you pursue it?

My personal favorite is Music. I just like to enjoy good soothing music.

Any other thoughts you want to share related to MADS…

I would really appreciate the efforts of imd1 to provide a unique platform for students to showcase their talents in MADS.

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