Ruma Mukherjee
Education Institution Kalyani Central Modern School
Designation Principal

Previous Institutions(s)

Sparks School

Belongs to (place from)

Kolkata, West Bengal

MADS Interest


Favorite MADS Personalities

Abhijit, Kaushiki Chakrabarty,Monali Thakur 

Life Mantra

Smile is the biggest thing to win everything

I draw inspirations from

My Mother

Had I not been an Educationalist then

I would have worked in a bank

When and why did you decide to take up education as your career?

When I was pursuing higher education, at that time I started taking tuitions and that brought a passion in me. Whatever I delivered was liked and appreciated by my students. This is how I took up education as my career.

As an educationalist, you are touching many human lives directly. Do you think educational institutions can play a significant role in overall development of students by encouraging them to take up co-curricular interests like Music, Art, Dance or Sports?

Students take a lot of interests in cocurricular activities like music, yoga, sports, etc. In my school itself two of our students are very good writers and they even publish their work in several students’ magazines.  These cocurricular activities gives them confidence. We put too much emphasis on academics, but all students are not good in it. MADS indeed provide a holistic development of students.

What are some of the most important initiatives related to co-curricular that you have taken in the institutions you have served?

We have a very good team of music teachers in our school. Not only vocals but we also emphasis students on learning synthesizers, guitars, tabla and drums. Even Yoga is practised seriously, hence these activities are held on a regular basis.

In the days when most people measure success only by academic score, how would you convey to the parents of your students that co-curricular education is not something to be looked down upon?

The scenario has changed. We studied in a very traditional and a conventional method of using blackboard and chalks. But nowdays students are getting accustomed learning digitally. We are making the children technologically more advance. We have come to an era where “Extra Circular” Is now being known as “Co-Curricular” which means MADS can go parallel with the academics. Co-Curricular activities relaxes the stressed-out minds of children. It can develop hidden qualities as well and one can become matured enough to choose careers for future.

If you were to suggest one major change in perspective of co-curricular education, what would that be?

If the co-curricular activities are brought at par with the academics to some extent in terms of balancing marks weightage then I think it would be better. Till now in suburban areas, some parents are still rigid to restrict their children upon academics because most of the parents are only concerned about marks. So, any co-curricular activity merged with academics in such areas can help a lot.

What are your personal interests in Music, Art, Dance or Sports and how do you continue to pursue them?

My interest lies in music only. I like singing and I have passed 5th year in Ravindra Sangeet, hence singing is a passion for me. I feel that music brings relaxation, and this is why I want students to get involved in music. Also sports like basketball is very much rejuvenating amongst youngsters.

Any other thoughts you may want to share.

I have been hearing a lot from many parents that their child is suffering from Depression. I feel we all are responsible for their condition. Not only academics but whatever a child does, his/her drawbacks must be taken away by parents and schools. Then what is left inside is excellence and this will help a child grow become successful in his/her life.

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