Dr. Priyanka Singh
Education Institution JSPM Jayawant Institute of Management Studies, Pune
Dignitary Name Dr. Priyanka Singh
Designation Director/Head of the Institute

What are the key initiatives and facilities of your institution for MADS (Music, Art, Dance and Sport ) as beyond education

The real learning begins when one moves out of the classroom and experiences the dynamic world. Clubs and Competition Cell is the key to unlock the unfathomable opportunities and exciting challenges that await the students at JIMS. The clubs' vertical has five clubs, namely Indradhanu club (Music, dance and performing arts), Eklavya club (sports). These clubs act as the knowledge centers, which fulfill the need of application of theories beyond classrooms. Second year students head the clubs. They bring together young enthusiastic minds at JIMS to build discussions around relevant content. Some of the key Initiatives under these clubs are as follows: JIMS has got talent,Synergy : The annual Gala,Innovision,Bucket List,Business Quiz,Stall Mania,JIMS Ke Tashanbaaz

What is your perspective of importance of MADS in overall development of students?

At JIMS, there’s always a buzz of knowledge, of intellectual curiosity, of an insatiable thirst to learn. Here, learning does not happen only within four walls. Discussion and debate are not limited to a pre-determined time or fixed concepts. At JIMS, it is never just idle chit-chat. The campus is always alive; it is always brimming with thoughts and ideas through its Students Engagement Activities runned under various clubs. I believe MADS will play a pivotal role in creating leaders for future. These initiatives will help in challenging the bright minds to test their knowledge in areas related to their development.

What are the key achievements of your institutions/any students for MADS at National/international or other levels?

We have been fortunate and blessed to have students who have actively participated in all the MADS initiatives driven by various CLUBS . There are students who have won various state level and National Quiz and Mad Ads Competition.

What is your suggestions to improvise MADS learning’s at grassroots levels?

MADS Learning to reach every students would ideally need a steadfast effort and a daily practice. Unless students understand the Y in it, then HOW to participate and learn more won’t follow. So I firmly believe that the purpose of each activity must be clearly proposed to students . Following few key principles and ways by which we can improvise MADS learnings at grassroots levels : Integrating the arts,Teacher –in- role,Create open and enthusiastic environment to increase participation,Bridging the Gap in performance while illustrating the positives and highlighting the learnings

What are your personal favorites in MADS and how you pursue it?

My personal favorite is Music. For me, music is source of inspiration. Music is something extraordinary; it is what makes humans human. Music is in a number of ways the fabric to our lives and the definition of society. Listening to music has proved to be like therapy for our souls.

Any other thoughts you want to share related to MADS

The performing arts are great for helping individuals to develop their creative skills. There are no wrong answers to be judged in MADS, and everyone is actively encouraged to express new and alternative opinions. In fact, the performing arts can improve and develop many different skills, all of which will play a big role in every aspect of the Individuals life. I firmly feel that every Individual must develop interest in either of the PERFORMING Arts .This will help him/her in the following ways : Forming new opinions and perspectives,Giving and receiving constructive criticism,Discipline and perseverance,Teamwork and handling consequences,Get fitter and let off steam.

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