L1 Hip Hop Dance for Teens & Adults An Introduction


Endorsed By

Sumeet Nagdev

Stellar Dance Artist

About the Course

Hip-hop dance has an evolving history that dates back to the 1960s. Majorly performed on Hip-hop music, the dance style originally from the streets has progressed to incorporate various individual and classic styles like breaking, popping, locking, and more. It is a high on energy dance form which from the time of origin to today, that has undeniably gained more popularity. Hip-hop dance is also a great way to increase stamina & strength, boost self-esteem while having fun which makes it even more famous amongst aspiring and practicing dancers.

The imd1 Hip-hop Dance for Teens and Adults – An Introduction course is meant for absolute beginners and learners who want to learn it the right way. This course endorsed by the legend Sumeet Nagdev, focuses on building the essential basics for learning Hip-hop. The various lesson plans are created with scientific consideration of learning the course. With every session you take away key learnings, from the vital warm-up and cool down exercises, stretches, techniques, variations, isolations to performing various dance moves on the dance floor. The concluding sessions will teach you choreographies with different difficulty levels.

In this standardized and structured course, you will learn the right techniques with detailed instructions. Further, you learn every move and technique intricately, with instructions broken down stepwise to make your foundational knowledge strong. The dance form has a lot of room for improvisation and hence the learning approach is going to be the same.

Hip-hop dance is a great way to indulge into an intense but fun activity. Learning Hip-hop dance is going to help build the core strength and control over the body. It also is beneficial to your mental health as it allows you to be expressive. Understanding all the moves and the rhythms to dance with, will make you more confident. At the end you will have your routine and you move a step ahead into becoming a creative, entertaining Hip-hop dancer. So, let nothing stop you from discovering one amazing dance form! Start learning!


  • Get acquainted with Hip-hop dance terminology and elements
  • Comprehend the various postures
  • Perform different variations, isolations and techniques vital to learn Hip-hop dance
  • Exercise the various warm-up and cool down exercises and stretches
  • Be able to perform the choreography of different difficulty levels
  • Know about the history and evolution of the Hip-hop dance style
  • Discover the many benefits of learning Hip-hop dance
  • Develop core strength and boost stamina
  • Boost self-confidence and lift your self-esteem
  • Learn to express by means of dance and experience mental relief

Age Group

Minimum age 13 Years.
Maximum age Dance has no age limit .

Duration (Hrs)

In class 24 | At home 4 | Total 28


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Wear a Fitted T-shirt and tights/Shorts
  • Wear Anti-Slip Socks
  • A water-bottle
  • Hair neatly comb, girls can tie a pony or a bun
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