L2 Quad Skating Advanced


Endorsed By

Nikhilesh Tabhane

Fastest Skater of India

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About the Course

Quad skating is the most favourable skating practice for beginners. One may prefer to learn it for several reasons like health, recreation or competitive sport. Be it for kids or adults, it has numerous advantages.

There are many professional Quad skating competitions that can be participated in as individuals or in groups. The imd1 quad skating – advanced course is designed for the enthusiasts who aspire to learn more advanced techniques of quad skating whether it is for recreational purpose or for taking part in any competitions. The lesson plans are well-structured for a systematic, stepwise learning. Each chapter includes the right information and learning is imparted via instructions, videos and images and more. Endorsed by the legend Nikhilesh Tabhane, fastest skater of India, this course is aimed at offering standardized training to all age groups.

Heavily practical oriented, the course delivery is done in combination with theory. The course details on the advanced techniques of skating, turning, resistance training, duck walk, finishing technique, and more. In addition, it is absolutely crucial in this type of sport to know about the safety gears and the right way to wear them. It is equally significant to maintain the skates, know about the various types of skates, the difference between them, understand the many features for various intensity levels.

From the health perspective, being a low impact exercise where there is minimal wear and tear of the joints, it is loved by adults above the age of 50 too. It is also a great exercise for the heart. Moreover, it proves to be a refreshing exercise. For kids, in their growing age, this sport helps them develop confidence, concentration, better health and have fun.

The many benefits of skating make it a great sport to take up at any age. Not to forget, it is fun and engaging activity. If you have been contemplating on whether to move ahead with advanced training, then we suggest you start right away. Even if you do not see yourself competing professionally, you must not neglect the other amazing benefits it offers.

Skate your way to Victory!  


  • Ways to attain better physical fitness for skating, importance of healthy diet for the same
  • Learn exercises to increase core strength and muscle flexibility
  • Learn important warm-up, stretching and cool-down exercises to boost performance during skating
  • Practice vital on skates warm-up exercises and techniques for an enhanced posture, balance, control, flexibility and movement
  • Perform makeshift techniques on Quad Skates by exercising intense activities and drills
  • Master professional techniques by practising various advanced drills required to perform to win the Speed Skating competitions
  • Improvise known techniques by improving balancing skills to manoeuvre even at higher speeds easily
  • Know the correct postures for perfect run-up and finishing technique to complete a race
  • Skate in a pack and perform shuffling activities in a pack
  • Bring more power to your skating with activities that help increase strength and endurance
  • Know the various nutrition plans to achieve and maintain the required body fitness levels
  • Get information about the different Speed Skating competitions and their participation rules

Age Group

Minimum age 5 Years.
Maximum age 65 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 30 | At home 15 | Total 45


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Water Bottle to stay hydrated
  • Quad Skates as per Guru recommendation
  • Skating gears (Socks, Helmet, Wrist Guard, Elbow pad, Knee pad and other if any)
  • Fruits (Banana is recommended) or any healthy food / dry fruits
  • Sweat T-shirts, skin tights short or skin Suit or Body Suit and hand napkin
  • Medical Necessity if any
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