L3 Kid's ART from HeART Intermediate

Endorsed By

Padma Shri Tilak Gitai

The Maestro Painter

About the Course

Drawing remains fundamental for children to translating and analyzing ideas, thoughts, emotions. Being able to represent their thoughts visually helps the kids transcend the world of languages and enhance their communication skills. Thus, the role of drawing and painting remains critical in the world of education.

Fine tuning these skills further in the adult year allows the ones entering employment to identify with a range of career options in the creative sector. Indulging in the drawing activity from a young age teaches the kids to inculcate a responsible behavior. Also, the sense of achievement that they feel upon completing a piece of art not only releases the feel-good neurotransmitter dopamine, but also induces in them a habit where they tend to finish any work they start.


The imd1 Kid’s Art from HeART – Intermediate course is designed & developed in a scientific way considering the age group which falls under the pre-schematic & schematic stage of artistic development. The lesson plans are structured and devised with in-depth analysis and research in consultation with Urmi’s Art Forum and the course is endorsed by Padma Shri Tilak Gitai. Every chapter offers thorough clarity of various concepts along with their application in real-life and further, teaches new techniques.  imd1 standardized arts courses help cultivates critical thinking skills, develops hand-eye coordination, and encourages self-expression.

imd1 Kid’s ART from HeART – Intermediate course is intended for young kids to inculcate more advance drawing and painting skills which they require to continue their artistic journey with more precision and confidence into imaginative, expressive and pioneering thinking. This course focuses on advance elements of drawing / painting, use of all basic to complex shapes, analyses of the subject, color shading fundamentals, methods to draw animal/human figures with keen sense of observation and understanding of proportion. This will help kids master skills and learn new techniques to create masterpieces of their own.

The course is taught in a stepwise manner with means of practical examples to help them comprehend techniques to master the nuances.

Let’s get the kids to engage in a variety of interesting drawing activities through this imd1 course.

The more they enjoy the work, the better learnings they take away for life!

Remember drawing and painting improves observation and concentration! 


  • Understand the fundamentals of Art
  • Develop fine motor skills
  • Have sensory experience studying paints, textures and prints
  • Draw and Paint using new techniques and master them
  • Create own unique design
  • Cultivate distinctive imagination
  • Foster creativity as well as observational skills
  • Stimulate different senses like touch and sight
  • Be able to draw human face
  • Work in a team to create a piece of drawing
  • Inculcate skills of teamwork and develop communication skills
  • Develop mentally, socially and emotionally

Age Group

Minimum age 3 Years.
Maximum age 17 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 50 | At home 10 | Total 60


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • A3 size worksheets
  • Pencils
  • Eraser
  • Black sketch pen
  • Kids Friendly - Crayons / Oil Pastels
  • Wet wipes
  • Poster paint bottles
  • Round Brush
  • Water colour bottle paint
  • Scratching tool (available in the oil pastel box, use back side of a bush, use corner of a ruler, chopstick, etc)
  • Waterproof Black Sketch pen
  • Disposable plates
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