L2 Inline Skating Advanced


Endorsed By

Nikhilesh Tabhane

Fastest Skater of India

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About the Course

In case you forgot, or need some motivation, inline skating burns around 600 calories in an hour, strengthens the muscle and the core, improves heart rate, refreshes your mind and is a great stress buster. For any age, the course proves to be an energizing recreational activity offering amazing benefits.

imd1 Inline Skating - Advanced course is designed for learners who have prior knowledge of inline skating and are beginners. It is taught with the standardized method with a scientific approach, through step-by-step instructions, detailed study notes and explanations with apt visuals having images, video tutorials for students. The course endorsed by the legend Nikhilesh Tabhane, the fastest skater of India, is taught in an appropriate practical setting along with the right amount of theoretical knowledge.

The course is designed to teach in detail about the basic skating skills and improving, advanced skills for stopping, turning, starting, finishing, duck walk, resistance training, pack skating jump drills, speed drills and more. The learners will also be educated on choosing the right skates, the ways to maintain their skates, the various competitions and the organising bodies and more. Inline skating is practised indoor as well as outdoors and the skates offer more speed and are designed differently from the quad skates.

For any sport, it is crucial to practice it the right way otherwise one might end up injuring themselves. Thus, the course imparts knowledge on the various safety gears and right way to wear them. This course trains the skater for advanced level of skating in a systematic manner. Whether one is taking the course up for fitness reasons or to participate in competitions, the lesson plans ensure the best on ground training is imparted. Learners will be able to display great balance, agility and coordination and also, get an experience of skating in packs. The many games in the lesson plans make them more engaging and fun.

The benefits of skating cannot be overlooked. Memory enhancement, concentration, boost in confidence, stress reduction, improvement in cognitive function, increase in self-esteem are the many major takeaways from skating. It’s time to the fitness factor a level higher with the imd1 Inline Skating - Advanced course. Get set and start rolling!

Start. Accelerate. Turn. Stop. Finish – Like a Champion!  



  • Best ways to keep your body physically fit, improving core strength and muscle flexibility
  • Learn crucial off-skates exercises that help to improve your skating posture, techniques, muscle strength, body balance and control, endurance, flexibility, leg and hand movements
  • Learn to perform improvised techniques on Inline Skates by exercising intense activities and drills
  • Master various professional techniques required for the competitions by practising the advanced drills Improvise known techniques
  • Improvise known techniques by perfecting the balancing skills to manoeuvre even at higher speeds easily
  • Master the Duck Walk Drill to perfect run-up technique
  • Skate and perform activities and techniques in a pack
  • Know the ideal nutrition plan for better resiliency and overall health
  • Information about the Speed Skating competitions, its rules and scope

Age Group

Minimum age 5 Years.
Maximum age 65 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 75 | At home 5 | Total 80


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Water Bottle to stay hydrated.
  • Professional Inline Skates as per Guru recommendation.
  • Skating gears if recommended by Guru (Socks, Helmet, Wrist Guard, Elbow pad, Knee pad and other if any)
  • Fruits (Banana is recommended) or any healthy food / dry fruits
  • Tights / Skin Suit / Bodysuit and Towel
  • Handy Stool
  • Resistance Training Gears - Parachute, Belt and Slide Board
  • Medical Necessity if any
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