L1 DSLR Photography For Hobbyist


Endorsed By

Caesar Sengupta

Renowned Photographer

About the Course

One of the best and most used gadgets of our modern times is a DSLR. And why not! It allows to freeze precious moments in a timeless frame. For photography enthusiasts, it is a blessing. The DSLR comes with amazing capabilities which unfortunately remain underutilized by most owners. The reason being lack of the right amount of information and correct knowledge regarding the wonderful photography tool. While reading helps, this art is more to do with right approach and practice. Although one has the manual and lots of guides at their disposal, nothing beats learning through a standardized curriculum specially designed keeping the various factors into consideration combined with practical trainings with a skilled Guru.

The imd1 course, L1 DSLR Photography for Hobbyist is for amateurs who have little idea about photography, but that knowledge is scattered and unstructured. This course systematizes the way you learn DSLR photography. It is designed to allow the learner to absorb the crucial concepts from which they would build further. Every chapter comprise of proper instructions, elaborated information with explanations in form of visuals like videos and images providing thorough clarity of concepts when applied practically under the guidance of the Guru.

For the ones who are keen on building a career in photography or are exploring their skills or just practice photography as a hobby or recreational activity, there is so much more to the craft and it all starts getting interesting from this course. From the basics of camera to the basics of photography, concepts such as depth of field, flash photography, metering, framing, composition, the course imparts knowledge about the most essential foundational skills in a stepwise manner. This allows you to get acquainted with them and apply the learning in real life.

With the right set of skills, you will surely capture stunning pictures and compose your imagination into the frame. While you apply each technique and practice the techniques, you can assess the depth of understanding you have. Each step will take you closer to mastering the skill of DSLR photography. It will also make you feel content with your work and leave you with a sense of accomplishment, a feelgood factor. Consequently, you start thinking and seeing the surroundings as per the frame and develop your own creative process.

There is never a better time to start learning than Today. So, start learning and start clicking!



  • Have complete & thorough understanding of concepts of DSLR photography
  • Know in-depth the concepts of Aperture, Shutter Speed, ISO, White Balancing, Metering and Histogram
  • Gain the skill of composing dramatic photos
  • Be able to get the correct exposure before clicking a photo in any environment
  • Successfully apply smart techniques to click better photos
  • Master photography tricks
  • Learn about the significant Framing and Composition rules
  • Smartly use filters to enhance the final image
  • Develop an eye for detail, and innovate distinctive concepts

Age Group

Minimum age 10 Years.
Maximum age Any age is right age to learn .

Duration (Hrs)

Total 8


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Any DSLR
  • Notebook and pen
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