L1 BollyJazz for Early Birds An Introduction


Endorsed By

Sumeet Nagdev

Stellar Dance Artist

About the Course

Dance is nothing but a rhythmic exercise which can uniquely magnify the mind and body coordination and keep them healthy. It is a great way to inculcate various skills and induce joy while doing so.

When practiced from a young age, dance is observed to have had great impacts on the development of brain and body. It promotes growth, helps tone body muscles, build balance and strength. Children are highly receptive to new and fun learning. They also grasp information rapidly when offered in an interactive manner.

The imd1 BollyJazz for Early Bird course enables the young children to gain the skills and knowledge that goes beyond the classroom. This course aims at teaching the fundamentals and primary techniques of BollyJazz. From warm up exercises to cool downs, body postures, feet and arms position, to basic choreographies, student will learn the essentials of dance.

It will make the child active both physically and mentally. While learning dance, they also subconsciously learn the principles of music like the tempo, rhythm and more which is responsible for the improvement in their focus and memory. It will stimulate endurance and discipline in them from an early age. 

Most importantly, it is crucial for kids to have confidence and be themselves. Dance allows them to be expressive and boosts their confidence as well as builds self-esteem. Dance and music both are proven to have best impacts on young minds and this course helps leverage that. With a structured curriculum, the kids can learn and even master the basics of BollyJazz dance form.

The best part is that the children will enjoy the process. The course is taught in a fun and energetic manner which leaves their mind full of happiness.


  • Get acquainted with basic terminologies of BollyJazz
  • Learn the important body postures, footwork and arms movements
  • Discover the benefits of learning BollyJazz dance form
  • Do essential warm up and cool down exercises
  • Learn basic steps and techniques
  • Perform basic choreography
  • Become confident
  • Start gaining flexibility and strength
  • Learn to maintain balance
  • Have fun and relax the mind and body

Age Group

Minimum age 3 Years.
Maximum age 7 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 20 | At home 4 | Total 24


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Wear a Fitted T-shirt and tights/Shorts
  • Wear Anti-Slip Socks
  • A water-bottle
  • Hair neatly comb, girls can tie a pony or a bun
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