Rini Chandra - The 'Live Basanti' of Singing Reality Show Sa Re Ga Ma Pa

Known As

Rini Chandra

Mother's Name

Purnima Chandra

Father's Name

Harish Chandra


3rd August

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Singing, Music

If the theory goes true that real stars are made from reality shows, one such singer who has gone through this challenging phase has proved that she not only has a gifted soothing voice but is a complete performer with an appealing personality. With her talented vocals, Rini Chandra blew everyone with her first performance and became the spotlight of the show. Judges of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa singing reality show called her ‘Live Basanti’ for a reason, as along with melodious singing she got even famous for her talking talent. Multitalented Rini has performed in various countries and sung for popular serials like ‘Ek Veer Ki Ardaas...Veera’, acted in serials like ‘Yam Hai Hum’ & ‘Singhasan Battisi’. Rini is also a certified chef in culinary art and has her own restaurant in South Goa. She seems to be competing with her life and with her singing journey so far. She gives all credit to the reality show that has been a game changer for her singing passion.

Team imd1 had a chat with her a few days ago, read on to know her further!

We are keen to know; how did your journey begin?

I was very fond of listening to my own recorded voice at an innocent age of 6 years. I felt a deep connect with music and gradually drew towards participating in various singing competitions and won many accolades. I was the biggest fan and avid follower of Sa Re Ga Ma Pa which was launched in 1995 and I too wanted to be on that platform. I discussed these choral aspirations with my parents. Though my parents were jolted, my mom buoyed but my dad was skeptical about this stream as he wanted me to trail goals academically. While I was in Canada, I participated in Red FM idol (93.1) twice but failed to win. The 3rd time, with my luck and hard work, I won the contest. Later I auditioned for Sa Re Ga Ma Pa without informing my parents. The results were announced, and I got selected. My parents were happy, but I also had a months’ time to finish my studies before heading to India. My dream to participate in the show came true and in mean time I even cleared my exams. Sa Re Ga Ma Pa gave me an edge to pursue my aims. Various singing offers started flooding in. I did title track for a serial under Rajshri productions banner known as ‘Ek Shringaar-Swabhiman’ on Colors channel and a single for Venus records ‘Kuch Ankahi Kuch Ansuni.’ I have also recorded a track ‘Chana Ve’ for a music director from Punjabi Industry Mr. Jaidev Kumar, which is yet to release.

Beyond Singing

Quote for Life

Life is all about the choices you make

Favorite Personalities

Asha Bhosle, Lata Mangeshkar


All legends in singing

Food I Love

Rajma and Sea Food

Had I not been Singer then…

Not thought of anything else other than Singer

Like Vacations at


Favorite Past time

Watching F.R.I.E.N.D.S series, Dining

Favorite Dialogue

Main Apni Favorite Hoon

Favorite Movies/Series

Housefull 3, Golmaal series

Favorite Actor/Actress

Akshay Kumar, Kangana Ranaut and F.R.I.E.N.D.S series cast

What has been your success mantra?

Relax and let almighty play his part. Praying, meditating, not stressing much, practicing yoga has helped me maintain a relaxed mind. My attitude has kept me strong & determined.

What were the hardships & hurdles you encountered and how did you overcome them?

After Sa Re Ga Ma Pa, though my journey has been very smooth; but once you dive into the big ocean one comes to know the nuances of the waves. Struggle was part of my success. Even I felt the whiff of trials associated with victory. I did lot of stage shows around the world, but when it came to playback singing there has been a lot of competition around.

Do you think Singing and its learning’s can be helpful in life even if one does not want to consider it as a career goal?

Music has super powers and is a natural healer. It makes u feel good. Even a layman can differentiate between good and bad music. Nowadays you need not struggle to sing in the music industry as one can sing on their YouTube channel and earn modestly along with becoming famous.

Who has been your influencer in your journey so far?

My mom has been my greatest influencer as she was supportive of me from day one.

Which was “that” moment when you considered yourself as “I Am The 1”?

I always say that ‘I am doing well’ as that drives me. After Sa Re Ga Ma Pa my graph only went upwards. I am a very confident person too! I wanted my own restaurant and I have it. You can say that I am contented with life. This makes me feel as “I Am The 1.”

Did you get any formal training and how was that journey?

I learnt Hindustani classical singing in Canada for 3 years under Guruji Shri Devendra Hundle ji. For me it was difficult to find a guru as my dad was not very supportive of my singing. Rather than me finding a teacher for me, my Guruji found me. After Winning Red FM Idol (93.1) he contacted me and was keen on training me. I still feel privileged to have him as my mentor. I still take singing lessons from him over Skype or call.

Could you reflect on the importance of systematic training in Singing?

Undergoing systematic training is very crucial. I missed this opportunity of getting trained from an early age. If a child has the singing ability and is interested in making singing a career, it is ideal to start teaching him/her from a young age as the grasping is more. At a matured stage, it also helps in Voice modulation. Learning different Sur-Taal helps during recording as one has the knowledge and comprehends the trick of pitching the voice.

What do you suggest for better accessibility of Singing in remote parts of India?

Reality shows can help those who want to take up singing belonging to villages and outskirts of the city. Creative teams are going to areas which don’t have access to musical journey. They can provide the talented singers with great exposure. Taking auditions, identifying the gifted singers, holding workshops to train them and getting them to the city for more opportunities is what the musical companies can do.

Your piece of advice to parents and new generation especially when some people are skeptical about career in extra curriculum.

Education along with extra-curricular activities is equally important. Earlier there was focus only on studies but now parents too are seeing great scope in various other fields. That provides a great support to children who want to pursue different art forms.

One thing which you feel you want to change from the past while you walk down memory lane…

Everything that has happened has been good. But one thing I wish I could change was learning from a young age which would have helped me to perform even better.

Any other thoughts you want to share?

I would like to give a message to the next generation – “Study but pursue what makes you happy and contended. Follow your dreams! Don’t stress much and avoid over-working at the cost of your health.”