‘Lalbaugcha Raja’ blessed KAMBLI family to create ‘Lalbaugcha Raja’

Ratnakar Kambli
‘Lalbaugcha Raja’ blessed KAMBLI family to create ‘Lalbaugcha Raja’

Since years, ‘Lalbaugcha Raja’ has remained the biggest attraction of Mumbai’s Ganeshotsav. What drives millions of ‘Ganesh bhakts’ to Lalbaugcha Raja is the grandeur of the pandal and the Ganpati idol sitting within! As ‘Ganpati Bappa Morya’ echoes through loudspeakers at Lalbaugcha Raja Sarvajanik Ganeshotsav Mandal, it is necessary to listen to the soft spoken Kambli family who works round the clock behind the ‘Raja’ scene! Kambli Parivaar has been making this most famous Ganpati idol ever since 1934. Madhusudan Kambli was a sculptor of idols and would have roaming exhibitions at festivals across Maharashtra. He began organizing the idol for Lalbaugcha Raja in 1935, when some of his friends recommended his name to the organisers of Lalbaugcha Raja. After his demise in 1952, his elder son Venkatesh took over. When Venkatesh passed away, Ratnakar Kambli, the current head of the family, started designing the idol. As of now, Ratnakar and his son Santosh are sustaining Bappa’s grandeur at Lalbaug!

Quick Facts

Name Ratnakar Kambli
Father’s Name Madhusudan Kambli
Mother’s Name Laxmi Bai Kambli
Spouse’s Name Madhul Ratnakar Kambli
imd1 for Sculptor - Art
Birthday December 13
  • Well-known for 83 year old family legacy of sculpting Lalbaugcha Raja idols (Mumbai), Also design murals, idols, sculptures, replica of the ‘Raja’
  • Award and 1st Prize from Government of Maharashtra for Ganesh idol
Place from Mumbai, Maharashtra

Team imd1 got lot of details from this Father-Son duo about why Lalbaugcha Raja is the rockstar of this festival!! Read on to know these true sevaks of the Raja…