India’s Fastest Skater rolls with National Record - The Story of Nikhilesh Tabhane

Known As

Nikhilesh Tabhane

Mother's Name

Kalpana Tabhane

Father's Name

Niranjan Tabhane


9 th November 1990

Place from

Nagpur, Maharashtra

Proudly says ‘imd1’ for

Skating, Sport

Beyond Skating

Favorite Personalities

Salman Khan, Dwayne Johnson – The Rock


Parents and Mr. Rajeevji Patel

Food I Love

Non-veg Mutton Saoji, Chicken Patiala

Food I Hate

Junk Food

Had I not been a Skater then…


Like Vacations at

Home town Nagpur

Favorite Pass time

Reading Books

Favorite Actor / Actress

Salman Khan