Rohit Shetty: Body building India’s image globally!

Rohit Shetty

Our body is very complex. Eating more makes us obese. Eating less makes us slim but eating in the right portion keeps us healthy and fit. But how much do we know our frame? Ask someone for whom body building is a celebration of understanding the art of developing musculature. ‘He is muscular, he is Popular’, Rohit Shetty is one such man who very well knows the sport of Bodybuilding who can discourse on nutrition & training at his best. Coming from a business background that too into hospitality, did not dither this young achiever to pursue his dream and won Bronze Medal at World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship, Mongolia, 2017. A self-made athlete, who continued his journey with hard work & dedication, has a rare understanding about nutrition, fitness regime, workout techniques and muscle ethics. With his sheer stage presence, robust body, muscularity, aesthetically pleasing physique, conditioned body and charming personality he has given a jaw-dropping performance at national & international competitions and bought laurels to our country. He has proved that well-designed workouts and progressive regime can give you wonderful results. He is the ideal role model.

Quick Facts

Known As Rohit Shetty
Father’s Name D.K. Shetty
Mother’s Name Jayanti Shetty
Spouse Name Nisha Shetty
imd1 for Bodybuilding - Sport
Birthday 12th Jan , 1986
  • Bronze medal at World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championship, Mongolia - 2017
  • Bronze medal in Asian Championship, Seoul, South Korea - 2017
  • 2007 - Winner of Pool-B after many years, Asian Championship for Women, South Korea
  • Gold medal in Mumbai Shree - 2016
  • Federation Cup 2015 National level Championship Silver medal (Pune)
  • Kshatriya Bunt Shree 2015, National level competition, overall title winner
  • Madgaon Shree (Champion of champions), National Level Competition, Overall title winner 2015 (Goa)
  • Pramod Patil Shree, Interstate tournament 2015 Silver medal (Kolhapur)
Place from Mumbai, Maharashtra
Quote for Life Protein, Kapada Aur Makaan

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Beyond Bodybuilding

Favorite Personalities Kevin Levrone
Inspiration Mohammed Ali
Food I Love Junk Food
Food I Hate Healthy Food
Had I not been bodybuilder then… Hospitality Businessman
Like Vacations at Kerala
Favorite Past time Reading Spiritual books
Favorite Dialogue Never Give Up
Favorite Movies/Series In Hell
Favorite Actor/Actress Ajay Devgan