‘Jumping Boy’ from Uttar Pradesh aiming new Highs - The Story of Varun Singh Bhati

Varun Singh Bhati

A 22 year old who started his athletic journey since his school days, Varun Singh Bhati is someone who can’t be forgotten when it’s anything about Athletics. A champion in high-jump, he is awarded with the second most prestigious sporting honour, the Arjuna Award. High-jumper, Bhati revealed to the imd1 team that he was initially a basketball player but, gave it a shot to high-jump when his teacher saw the talent in him.

Quick Facts

Name Varun Singh Bhati
Father’s Name Hem Singh Bhati
Mother’s Name Rakesh Bhati
imd1 for Para High Jump (T-42)
Birthday 13th February 1995
  • Won Bronze Medal at the 2017 World Para-Athletics Championship in London
  • Won Bronze Medal at the 2016 Summer Paralympics Games At Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Won Gold Medal at the 2016 IPC Athletics Asia-Oceania Championship as well as set a new Asian record
  • Won Gold medal at the 2014 China Open Athletics Championship
  • Won Silver medal in Berlin gem three.
Place from Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh
Quote for Life Smart work is better than Hard work

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Beyond Athletics

Favorite Personalities Michael Jordan
Inspirations Self Inspired
Had I not been Athlete then Sprinter
Favorite Past time Watching Hollywood movies
Favorite Actor / Actress: Jim Carrey, Robin Atkinson