Frequently Asked Questions

imd1 Market & Benefits

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    What is imd1 Market?

    imd1 is India’s first and only, Holistic Development Hub, for anything and everything in Music, Art, Dance, Sports & beyond (MADS+).

    imd1 Market is exclusive Marketplace for all kind of products and service providers related to MADS+.

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    What are the benefits of imd1 Market listing?

    There are host of benefits of imd1 Market listing, to name few…

    Unlike other marketplaces which has listing from needle to car sellers and grooming to repair services, imd1 Market has exclusive listings related to MADS+ only.
    imd1 has it's own social media. Listed entity owner can continuously post photos / videos and showcase services and products for attracting more customers. This is more effective than one time listing with contact details.
    imd1 listing is completely Free. There is no onetime fees, annual fees or charges for leads or business generated.
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    imd1 Listing Charges

    What are imd1 Market Listing charges?

    imd1 listing is completely Free. There is no onetime fees, annual fees or charges for leads or business generated.

    Are there any charges for social media posts related to services and products?

    There are no charges for social media posts related to services and products.

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    imd1 Listing Process

    What are the information required for imd1 Market Listing?

    For Market Listing, business name, complete address, contact detail, digital connects and information related to products / services are required.

    Can we claim our business or edit listing in case it is already available in Market?

    Yes, one can claim existing business or edit listing after required verifications.

    How long it takes to approve listing?

    Generally, it takes 1-2 business days for listing approval and status shall be updated through SMS / email.

    What can be the reason for rejection of listing?

    Any listing of products and services not related to MADS+ or incorrect contact details etc. may lead to rejection. On rejection the entity would be provided detail of rejection and can request for approval after addressing reasons.

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    Search & Contact

    What are the parameters on which User can search listing on Market?

    User can search listing by providing location, name of entity, address of entity, services offered by the entity.

    What are the different criteria for showing result of search?

    User input, location, rating & review, details of products & services are considered while showing most relevant result of search.

    How an entity owner can ensure appearing of get his / her entity on top in search results?

    User input for the search and location is always the top priority in search results. However, ensuring following may help in appearing entity higher in search results:

    Providing correct address with relevant landmarks
    Providing correct and relevant detail of products and services
    Providing picture of entity / product / services
    To get more reviews on imd1 Market by providing quality experience to customers

    How interested customer can contact listed entities?

    Interested customers can contact listed entities directly through the contact detail and digital connects given in listing.

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