Raja Sarkar
Education Institution Renaissance Academics
Designation Director

Previous Institutions(s)

Radiant International School

Belongs to (place from)


MADS Interest

Music, Dance And Sports

Favorite MADS Personalities

Lots of personalities

Life Mantra

Be simple and be humble and be ethical

I draw inspirations from

Swami Vivekananda And Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

Had I not been an Educationalist then

Corporate trainer and life coach

When and why did you decide to take up education as your career?

I am a passionate teacher who believe in sanskar management and man making education. My mother motivated me lot pursue education world to give my services for coming generation.

As an educationalist, you are touching many human lives directly. Do you think educational institutions can play a significant role in overall development of students by encouraging them to take up co-curricular interests like Music, Art, Dance or Sports?

Today’s educational institutions are like small scale industries. They believe in holistic education, but most of the educational institutions operate purely in corporate style. I don’t think all the institutions encourage such activities, but they should do it definitely.

What are some of the most important initiatives related to co-curricular that you have taken in the institutions you have served?

1. Football team for Subroto cup
2. Cricket team for under 17 camp.
3. And many more activities on music, dance and art.

In the days when most people measure success only by academic score, how would you convey to the parents of your students that co-curricular education is not something to be looked down upon?

Holistic education is the need of the hour. Today, we need education that produces good human beings and not just encourage rat race of marks.

If you were to suggest one major change in perspective of co-curricular education, what would that be?

We need one subject from class one as a cocurricular subject.

Please let us know about some key achievements of your institution and/or your student(s) in MADS at national/international level?

Lot of achievements in my 23 years academic career.

What are your personal interests in Music, Art, Dance or Sports and how do you continue to pursue them?

I am a good singer and sportsman. I understand cultural aspect since as a Bengali, it is in our veins.

Any other thoughts you may want to share.

Be different from others.

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