Mr. Chetan Savaliya
Education Institution Noble Public School, Surat
Dignitary Name Chetan Savaliya
Designation Managing Trustee

What are the key initiatives and facilities of your institution for MADS (Music, Art, Dance and Sport) as beyond education?

Our institution provides training of Dance, Karate, Music, Skating and overall 14 co-curricular activities professionally. Education provided here is from Nursery to 12th Std (HSC). Among all the 14 activities, each student has to get indulged in at least four of them. In our institution, apart from academics, we provide co-curricular activities for the students so that their hidden strength and talent is recognized. This concept is practiced here so that if someone is interested in dance then when he/she gets the encouragement and support to whatever extent we could provide, and if he/she isn’t interested in any other activity in academics apart from dancing then he/she gets a full support in following their passion. Our institution is the 1st school in Surat to provide so many co-circular facilities and the training which students get are provided by professional trainers of that particular medium.

What is your perspective of importance of MADS in overall development of students?

Sports equipment’s, indoor games such as Dart boards, etc., Skating, Dance hall, Music room, Music instruments are available in our campus. These Activities are practiced by students on a daily basis and sports is played thrice a week. Every day, students must be indulged in some activity with the studies. Our institution makes sure the syllabus is also maintained likewise so that everything is balanced.

What are the key achievements of your institutions/any students for MADS at national/international or other levels?

Our students have performed nationally as well as internationally. Also during our annual event, we approached an event company who made our institute’s gala event get recognized nationally for which we received a Gold medal.

What are your suggestions to improvise MADS learnings at grassroots levels?

There has to be a platform where every student gets trained for a particular co-curricular activity so that he/she can get trained and showcase their talent to get recognized nationally and even globally.

What are your personal favorites in MADS and how you pursue it?

I liked cricket very much but when I used to play, there wasn’t much advancement in the technology involved and hence I couldn’t pursue it. And that’s why I made my mindset and vision that when my proposed school’s project gets started in Rajula, there will be an international cricket stadium built because if I couldn’t pursue a career in it, I want aspiring cricketers to follow their dreams.

Any other thoughts you want to share related to MADS…

The platform which we have created seems very small in its initial stage but when it will grow, this will benefit the whole country. Children belonging to the remote areas will get a platform to showcase their talent. I’m really impressed by the work done by imd1 and their team. Whenever you need any help or assistance, I will always be there. You are doing a great work for India.

What are your views on institutions not encouraging MADS?

A child between five to ten years of age, who is not exposed to any co-curricular activity, will turn out to become a robot in the future. Nowhere in this world you can just byheart things and become successful, your inner growth and self-development matters a lot. Every student between 1st to 7th standard must be exposed to some or the other co-curricular activity.

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