Vijaya Deshpande
Current Organization Link Success
Designation Success Partner

Previous Organization(s)

HCC Infotech,Korn ferry,

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MADS Interest

Connecting with people, Reading, Music mix indo western

Favorite MADS Personalities:

Amitabh Bachchan , Ratan Tata, M.S. Dhoni , Indra Nooyi , Priyanka chopra, Anand Mahindra List is endless..

Life Mantra

Passion is your Mission so be the BEST!!

I draw inspirations from:

My Mom, Mr. Modi, all the situation Leaders

Had I not been an HR Professional then:

Master Chief running a Multi cousin food joint.

At what point in your life did you decide to take up HR as your career? What were the guiding / motivating factors?

During my first job, I was interacting as a recruitment executive and while being empathetic with them, I decided this is the career I would be pursuing. People are being guided and following the path which you’re showing them as a councillor is a motivating factor.

HR is one practice that touches human lives directly. Do you think employers and specially HR Professional can play role in reducing stress levels of employees through various employee engagement initiatives?

As an HR you definitely are the person who is creating an impact in everybody’s life because you are the first point of contact when a person is getting hired in the organisation. If HR is energetic, empathetic and passionate that get driven into the people, you clearly could see the impact while interacting with them. If you really could resemble such persona while meeting at the first point of contact, it just gets percolated down and people start remembering it.

What are some of the most important employee engagement initiatives related to Music, Art, Dance or Sports that you have taken in your career?

A lot of them. We used to conduct very simple gaming session focusing in terms of team building capabilities and leadership skills people are having and how ethically they’re playing. For three consecutive years we did this activity and the ones who succeeded in these games were throughout achievers in the organisation.  Those WINNERS were great planner and players in such games were  the real GAME CHANGERS  in the organisation. Another activity is to comfort employees to maintain their work life balance. One of our employees was very much mentally stressed but with the external help and internal support we could see her positive output towards the organisation. As an HR, I feel one has to be very empathetic and NEED FEEL the person emotional  needs  if you are able to strike the cord  then you are creating a  conducive  work atmosphere &  building  a robust  organisation.

Do you think time and cost for employee engagements are an investment for the organisation and can help in multi-fold returns?

It is indeed an investment because people get to share their experiences & experience  help us to  face new challenges this results in multifold ROI in the form of engaged, motivated workforce with higher employee satisfaction, charged enthusiasm in their role and overall company growth in the form of higher retention and lower turnover, higher productivity, increased profitability, less absenteeism, and increased employee loyalty. Corporate giants like Tata, ZS  Associates and Accenture have stronger employee engagement initiatives which is a major investment targeting talent  growth of the organisation.

Do you feel there is a need even to reach out to the family of employees so that they get better connected to the company? Have you undertaken any such initiative in your past or current organization?

As working  professional  you need to manage best of both the world . One is your own and another is your workspace family you spend much time in offices than with your family so both the bonding  & connecting are equally  important and such initiatives create better bonds within both the worlds, so once a year such activity a must.

What is the one change that you would like to bring in HR practice that has potential to boost employees work-life balance?

Start offering flexibility in terms of the work timings. Instead of counting hours, how best the person is able to manage the work life balance should matter. People need to priorities wisely. Like if you’re a project manager then you have to do justice to the projects but at the same time , contribute enough towards the family if the time demand arise . For example if a working mother has to attend her sick child  with flexi time or work from home options her commitments & productivity will be 200% with your organisations, which is a proven fact so start having in few more initiatives like Enhanced Maternity and Paternity Benefits, On site and Superior Pre-school/Day Care Tie Ups, Agile Working, Flexi-Location Policy, Flexible Return to Work Option, Career By Choice, etc.

What are your personal interests in Music, Art, Dance or Sports and how do you continue to pursue it?

Managing all this at a time is a difficult thing. While driving on my way home I make sure to listen Music and genre prefers on my mood. Mornings are dedicated to some devotional music. I have developed a reading habit as I do listen to lot of  audio books & the App called as BOOKLET. “The Alchemist” and “Rich Dad Poor Dad” “ The Art of Happiness’’,`` The Magic of THNINKING Big” etc, are my all-time favourites. I spend more time on the internet mostly on LinkedIn to connect with professionals & like minded talent so this is also one kind of habit I have developed.

Any other thoughts you would like to share?

The way HR profession is practised and the outlook of people towards HR fraternity is getting changed.  We have to be at par in the market and meet the expectations. Your network is equals to your networth.  So be passionate for your passion ,follow your DREAMS & work for it.

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