Shilpa Jejurkar
Education Institution International Educator and Academician, Mumbai
Designation Principal

Previous Institutions(s)

Arunodaya Public School, Thane

Belongs to (place from)

Pune, Maharashtra

MADS Interest

Music, Art & Dance

Favorite MADS Personalities

Lata Mangeshkar, Parveen Sultana, Birju Maharaj Katthak exponent

Life Mantra

Aspire, Inspire and Succeed

I draw inspirations from

My Mother, My Teachers

Had I not been an Educationalist then

A Software Engineer

When and why did you decide to take up education as your career?

After my marriage I quit my software development job and was at home thinking what to do next. I decided to take up the ECCed course as inspired by my mother. Post motherhood I tried in a school and I got a teaching job in a school in my vicinity. Since then there was no looking back. I graduated from being a Kindergarten teacher to a Primary teacher, a Coordinator, Vice Principal and now as a Principal. It was a very fulfilling journey and continuous upgradation helped me achieve this position. I did my two masters and also a PG diploma in educational leadership administration and Management from UK. 
I also completed my TEFL course and I have been advocating Digital Literacy in my school.

As an educationalist, you are touching many human lives directly. Do you think educational institutions can play a significant role in overall development of students by encouraging them to take up co-curricular interests like Music, Art, Dance or Sports?

Yes, incorporating music and movement into education can help young children with development, social interaction and language growth. Since we all know that 85 percent of brain development occurs by the time a child reaches 3 years. Children need to learn specific activities that are important for development as they grow. For example, very young children begin to scoot and crawl for movement and while these activities are part of eventually learning to walk, they are also essential for brain development. Additionally, patterned activities, such as clapping to music or jumping in time to a beat stimulate brain function and help the brain to organize thoughts and behaviours. It helps develop the language skills too. Music helps in learning a language through the rhythm and beats thereby improving their speaking skills.

What are some of the most important initiatives related to co-curricular that you have taken in the institutions you have served?

I have introduced a well-structured CCA and Sports and Performing arts program successfully. To take care of Holistic development of children, it is necessary to give them a proper platform to perform. Music and Dance helps in developing more confidence and concentration among the students. Sports and other Art based activities make them thoughtful and inquisitive. Involving students in lots of social projects make them responsible and caring citizens of the society. Posing responsibility in them helps them in making better decisions.

In the days when most people measure success only by academic score, how would you convey to the parents of your students that co-curricular education is not something to be looked down upon?

Every activity in school life plays a significant role in development of students. Co-curricular activities are an essential part of school life and helps in enhancing learning process of students at school. Co-Curricular activities are compulsory activities which is important for every student to participate. These activities are designed and balanced with academic curriculum so that every student gets to learn beyond subjects.

Co-curricular activities are meant to bring social skills, intellectual skills, moral values, personality progress and character appeal in students. It includes athletics, cultural events, Library activities, science lab activities, classroom activities, creative arts and meditation etc. So, these activities should not be looked down but given a weightage equivalent to the curricular activities.  

If you were to suggest one major change in perspective of co-curricular education, what would that be?

I believe we can make use of CCA for the personality development of the child. It will help them in personal grooming and bring a desirable change in their personality. CCA can help us in developing the intra & inter-personal skills in students and get them the humane touch which they expect. These activities are related with the society and the community at large. These activities are part of the vast curriculum of the school and studies. They develop the personality of the students and also provide the knowledge about the hidden qualities of the students. The experiences we gain through such activities help them in dealing with their problems efficiently.

Please let us know about some key achievements of your institution and/or your student(s) in MADS at national/international level?

Our students had won prizes in singing and dance competitions which had moral values as a theme and giving back to the society as one of the most important aspect of the performance. They also generated funds by showcasing their talent and performing musicals to collect donations for social causes.

What are your personal interests in Music, Art, Dance or Sports and how do you continue to pursue them?

I personally love all types of music. I am a folk dancer too. I also love to write a lot on various topics. I am fond of gazals and listen to them and enjoy.

Any other thoughts you may want to share.

Always dedicate some time of your day in doing something good for the society and people around you. I always inspire my students to do at least one good deed in a day and note it down in the diary. These small deeds will only make us happy. I trust we all educators should work on developing the EQ, Smartness Quotient and the Happiness Quotient in our students.

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