Perumalsamy Navaraj
Education Institution Annai Fathima College of Arts & Science
Designation Former Principal

Previous Institutions(s)

Yadava College, Madurai

Belongs to (place from)

Madurai, Tamil Nadu

MADS Interest

Science Communication

Favorite MADS Personalities

AR Rahman, Prabhudheva

Life Mantra

To serve the people

I draw inspirations from

Dr APJ Abdul Kalam

Had I not been an Educationalist then

I would have been a Businessman

When and why did you decide to take up education as your career?

In our times, most of the students preferred becoming doctors or engineers but I was given an opportunity to pursue a master’s degree. At that time the scope of teaching in higher secondary stream was more in our country. So, all those who completed a master’s degree had a good chance to enter in higher secondary as a teacher. In 1979, Government recruited many teachers in that stream that is why I was forced to enter into the education field. I was offered a job in a government institution and soon after that; I became very passionate towards education.

As an educationalist, you are touching many human lives directly. Do you think educational institutions can play a significant role in overall development of students by encouraging them to take up co-curricular interests like Music, Art, Dance or Sports?

Education is changing the behaviour and developing a good character of human being. Education does not restrict a person to become a money laundering machine; it is more about character building. Merely studying textbook subjects’ content will not develop a person fully. S/he must be trained in all personality aspects in which curricular as well as co-curricular are equally acknowledged. Right from KG to higher studies, children mostly devote their time towards studies and very hardly they get involved in co-curricular activities. Nowadays in most of the places, teachers are just making children work like xerox machines. They just want children to memorize everything without making them understand properly. Hence the educational institutions play a key role in moulding character of individual as well as making them good human being which is highly required for any country to develop.

What are some of the most important initiatives related to co-curricular that you have taken in the institutions you have served?

I have served as the director of NSS to provide social service opportunities amongst children. We can make very good culture for our students by initiating such programs. Discipline, Time Management, Leadership qualities and overall personality can be moulded in a better way. Students enrolling in such activities are aware of what is going on in and around their environment. Moreover, social service programs and co-curricular activities encourage and enrich children to improve their overall skills.

In the days when most people measure success only by academic score, how would you convey to the parents of your students that co-curricular education is not something to be looked down upon?

In most of the state board institutions, some weightage of marks is also given to the NSS and NCC activities also. This is highly considered in getting admissions and also benefits in employment opportunities. This can not only benefit students in getting broader opportunities but can also help them to motivate their inner creativity, leadership skills, communication skills, etc.

If you were to suggest one major change in perspective of co-curricular education, what would that be?

Today’s educational ecosystem must definitely give more importance to the co-circular education.  Majority of students are engaged in studies day in and day out, as a result they do not get time to be involved in extracurricular activities. However, social & cultural events organised by various clubs help them to get rejuvenated and explore something beyond academics.

Please let us know about some key achievements of your institution and/or your student(s) in MADS at national/international level?

Yadava College, Madurai is accredited with A grade by NAAC and is granted with autonomous status. It is a Post Graduate Research College affiliated to Madurai Kamaraj University. Awarded many times by the University as the Best College for Social Activities and Academic Enrichment of the most backward students of the country. 

Annai Fathima College, Madurai is the Self-Financed College run by a Philanthropist, and a Professional technocrat, Mr.M.S.Sha. Innovative programmes are offered at the undergraduate programme that facilitates the students to get lucrative jobs in the leading industries. A cent percent placement is done by the college since its inception. 

What are your personal interests in Music, Art, Dance or Sports and how do you continue to pursue them?

I am a person belonging wholly to the scientific fraternity which encourages young minds to become excellent scientists in their careers. I with my team work on to portray science through various art forms such as Science through Folk Arts, Science through Cartoons, Science through Magic, Science through Music and etc. We organise these innovative activities during events to explore more ways in bringing out science through various different aspects. This is the new approach I like to carry out amongst the students.

Any other thoughts you may want to share.

The present higher education system must be revamped to a good level for the students to be more competitive so that our children can be prepared to compete on a global level. 

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