Chandrakala O. Mishra
Education Institution Abhay International School
Designation Principal

Previous Institutions(s)

Prabhakar Desai International School

Belongs to (place from)

Mumbai, Maharashtra

MADS Interest


Favorite MADS Personalities

Kapil Dev, Lionel Messi, Amerdeep Singh Natt, Lalita Lazmi

Life Mantra

You were born with wings, why prefer to crawl through life?

I draw inspirations from

My energetic, lively, always smiling, curious, loyal and pure heart students.

Had I not been an Educationalist then

Actor & Writer

When and why did you decide to take up education as your career?

I was always passionate about teaching. I had my school teachers as my role model especially my chemistry teacher Vishwakarma sir. Although during college days, I dreamt of becoming Airhostess and even prepared myself for it. 
I worked in advertising industry for three years and simultaneously completed my graduation. I decided to pursue my dream of teaching, guiding and mentoring. 
I always felt that I have qualities of teacher / mentor / facilitator i.e. keen learner and observer, patient, understanding, sympathetic and empathy. I am also into mentoring, guiding young minds to help them make right decisions independently in life. There are many professions that give the ability to have a positive impact on the society, amongst them teaching profession have direct impact on creating a better society.

As an educationalist, you are touching many human lives directly. Do you think educational institutions can play a significant role in overall development of students by encouraging them to take up co-curricular interests like Music, Art, Dance or Sports?

I firmly believe educational institutions are playing very prominent role in giving importance to MADS in overall development of students by encouraging them to take up co-curricular interests like Music, Art, Dance or Sports. Even parents are keen in MADS and allowing their ward to choose it as a career or a hobby which is remarkable.

What are some of the most important initiatives related to co-curricular that you have taken in the institutions you have served?

Under my guidance, AIS has initiated Archary, rifle / gun shooting to prepare new bunch of budding sports personalities for India. AIS always prepare students for academics as well as MADS. 
AIS teaching methodologies include multiple intelligence which is based on Musical, Visual-spatial, Verbal-linguistic, Logical - mathematical, Bodily- kinaesthetic, Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, Naturalistic and Existential. Lessons are activity based and learning by doing. In primary section, mathematics lessons are taught through games.

In the days when most people measure success only by academic score, how would you convey to the parents of your students that co-curricular education is not something to be looked down upon?

Schools as well parents should understand that grades/marks are not the only criteria to evaluate the students. I believe that co-curricular education can be integral part of curriculum and not merely a graded subject. There is wide scope in these fields. Parents mentality has changed over a period of time and they want their ward to take equal interest in MADS apart from curriculum.

If you were to suggest one major change in perspective of co-curricular education, what would that be?

Government should make policies and strong amendments in current educational policy. MADS should not mere be on paper but it should be given equal weightage in school as well as college life of a students. Many NGOs and sports organizations have taken initiative in it. MADS should be affordable to all.

Please let us know about some key achievements of your institution and/or your student(s) in MADS at national/international level?

AIS students have won the Science exhibition at “Ward Level, ‘Zonal Level” and event participated at ‘State level’ in the ‘junior group’.

What are your personal interests in Music, Art, Dance or Sports and how do you continue to pursue them?

I like to sing and dance. I sometimes attend workshops for upgrading myself. I am learning vocal music to give my knowledge a professional touch & to be more confident to perform in public.

Any other thoughts you may want to share.

I believe a teacher is learner and needs to update herself / himself always.
I always attend national and international workshops and engage myself in online courses to upgrade myself. I motivate my team members to upgrade themselves with current knowledge in educational sector. School arranges for staff development program and trainings for knowledge up gradation. I believe in flat / parallel leadership where everyone’s opinion is given weightage. I believe in creating leaders who can help the AIS grow in right direction.

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