L1 Tenacity Skating For Hobbyist


Endorsed By

Nikhilesh Tabhane

Fastest Skater of India

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About the Course

Skating is a fun and energetic sport for all age groups. Not only is it a great activity to indulge into, it has myriad health benefits. While most practice it for enhanced fitness and agility, it is instrumental for weight-loss as well. Over the period of time, it has become a popular recreational activity as it helps strengthen the physical muscles as well as the heart. Moreover, it teaches teamwork, sportsmanship and endurance.  

Skating is also a widespread sport activity and has a lot of popularity in the competitive zone. There are different types, ranging from quad, tenacity to inline skates, all having their own features. For beginners who have just embarked on their journey to learn skating, tenacity skates are the most favorable. At the start it is important to achieve balance, coordination and confidence.

The imd1 course, L1 Tenacity Skating for Hobbyist is geared at teaching the various skills to the beginner level skaters who have freshly commenced their training. As the name suggest, the skates used are tenacity skates. In this standardized course, endorsed by the skating legend Nikhilesh Tabhane, the lesson plans are designed keeping various factors into consideration. Taught in a step wise approach by a skilled Guru, each chapter comprises of detailed instructions, notes, and explanations along with images and videos.

Along with various skating drills and a few artistic moves, this course also teaches slightly advanced rolling, stopping and turning techniques. The course is aimed at assisting the budding learners build a strong foundation with right techniques and practice. And the learning becomes more fun with the interesting games and drills that are part of the course curriculum.

Gradually, the learners will observe the improvement in their fitness levels and also feel more relaxed and happier. Thus, both the goals are achieved here, fitness and recreation. This course will add to and at the same time solidify the basics upon which the skater can then further venture into advanced levels of skating. If you are wondering what the right time is to start, then it is now! Ready, set and get rolling!


  • Learn advanced rolling, stopping and turning techniques on tenacity skates
  • Learn the art of falling
  • Perform a few artistic moves on the skates
  • Perform the various skating drills with ease
  • Witness boost in confidence
  • Increased body flexibility, endurance and balance
  • Master the important on-skates exercises
  • Learn various warm-up, stretching and cool-down exercises
  • Be able to choose the right skates, safety gears and learn the right way to adorn them
  • Develop sportsman spirit

Age Group

Minimum age 5 Years.
Maximum age 65 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 16 | At home 1 | Total 17


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Water Bottle to stay hydrated
  • Tenacity Skates
  • Canvas Shoes
  • Skating gears (Socks, Helmet, Wrist Guard, Elbow pad, Knee pad and other if any)
  • Fruits (Banana is recommended) or any healthy food / dry fruits
  • Sweat T-shirts / Skin tights shorts / Skin Suit / Body Suit and hand napkin
  • Medical Necessity if any
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