L0 Skating Touch & Feel

Endorsed By

Nikhilesh Tabhane

Fastest Skater of India

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About the Course

Sports contribute a lot to health, for both children and adults. If there is one sport that is overlooked that results in benefits like enhanced fitness and weight loss, then it is skating. Skating is a combination of art and sports. Practised by all age groups, it is a popular recreational activity that has social, physical and health benefit. For kids it is even more advantageous as this sport teaches teamwork, trust, sharing responsibilities and working together towards a common goal.

There are different styles of skating like roller skating, inline skating and rollerblading. All these forms are known to strengthen the heart. Skating is a cardiovascular activity and many studies suggest that roller sport is an effective form of aerobic exercise. Skating also works your muscles like anything, helps tone the body and achieve agility, balance and coordination. For diseases like diabetes, doctors recommend strength training and aerobic exercises – both of which are benefits of skating. In addition, inline skating is helpful in increasing muscle endurance. During skating, you are less likely to have any joint damage unlike other sports as all the forms of skating are low-impact sports. Skating also releases the happy hormones known as endorphins. Besides, as one practices more techniques, one improves concentration levels. It is an overall relaxing activity.

imd1 skating Touch and Feel - Level 0 course is taught with standardized method and is endorsed by the legend Nikhilesh Tabhane, the fastest skater of India. It details step-by-step instructions, study notes and explanations with apt visuals having images and video tutorials for students.

This course is for any novice, beginner category student who has never learned skating but wishes to do so now. It will impart the necessary fundamental knowledge about skating, the right safety gears and their importance, how to roll and balance with various drills while also learning with fun games and activities.

Skating goes beyond being just a sport and allows the skater to capture their imagination with every turn, flip, jump or any move. Thus, allowing the flow of expression and emotions. This course is for the such enthusiasts who wants to take their first step towards rolling and explore skating for fun or fitness. This course will become a steppingstone for students to excel at skating. We as imd1 emphasise that students learn and enjoy Skating at their own pace while enjoying the process.

For Fun or Fitness – Learn to Skate the right way…!!!


  • A solid foundation to intermediate and advanced level skating
  • Learn a competitive sport and a great form of exercise as well as recreational activity
  • Master various skating drills
  • Boosted confidence in skating and increased body flexibility
  • Become familiar about the sport and various skating championships
  • Comprehend weight distribution and balancing techniques
  • Choose right type of skate and safety gears and learn to wear them the right way
  • Skate smoothly with Tenacity Skates
  • Break and Turn in the right style

Age Group

Minimum age 5 Years.
Maximum age 65 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 8 | At home 1 | Total 9


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Skating gears (Helmet, Wrist Guard, Elbow pad, Knee pad and other if any)
  • Canvas Shoes (Recommended for Tenacity Skating) or Comfortable Sports Shoes and Socks
  • Fruits (Banana is recommended) or any healthy food / dry fruits
  • Sweat T-shirts, skin tights short or skin Suit or Body Suit and hand napkin
  • Medical Necessity if any
  • Tenacity Skates / Baby Skates as per Guru recommendation
  • Water Bottle to avoid dehydration
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