L2 Mobile Photography Advanced


Endorsed By

Caesar Sengupta

Renowned Photographer

About the Course

With the advent of smartphones, mobile camera technology has improved manifold. The improvisation is to the extent that now pro-style photographs can be captured with the smartphone cameras having more than one lens.

Also, many of us really love exploring our mobile photography skills and try to capture beautiful and perfect shots, however, most are unable to do so. It might happen that while you come across a moment you loved and want to capture it, you miss out on getting it due to lack of knowledge of camera settings, angles, timing or exposure. And thus, even if you have a mobile phone camera of point and shoot quality, you miss on your perfect shot which is disheartening. You also do not know technically how to improve it.

Thus, imd1 brings to you the L2 Mobile Photography Advanced course, endorsed by the legend aimed at providing a right learning experience to refine the mobile photography skills. Designed considering a variety of factors, this standardized course teaches in a structured manner the skill to click best photos with the mobile camera. Endorsed by the legend, the course is meant to offer the right knowledge to the learner, that too, in a step wise manner through instructions providing concept clarity, detailed study notes, explanations supported by images and video tutorials and much more.

For all the enthusiasts who love to capture the timeless moments in their mobile phone, this course will strengthen your basics, teach you the different concepts like composition, exposure triangle, editing with Snapseed, and much more. In addition, it will add to your knowledge with excellent tips and bonus ideas. Being heavily practical oriented, you get to see the transformation in your everyday shots with each learning session.

Hence, for those who do not want to miss on capturing the perfect photos and moments, aspire to polish their talent, love observing and expressing themselves, this course is an ideal tool to learn the essential skills.

So, pick up your mobile phone and let’s start learning!  


  • Maximize the potential of your mobile camera
  • Gain greater control over the power of three pillars of Exposure Triangle - Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Comprehend manual focus for playing with different kinds of shots
  • Make optimum use of functions like HDR, Flash, and Picture modes like Portrait, Panorama of your mobile camera
  • Master the Art of Composition and the techniques for the same
  • Learn the various Photography Styles
  • Clicking perfect Selfies and Groufies
  • Know the dos and don’ts of mobile videography
  • Improving mobile photography using different lenses
  • Learn to edit image, mobile photography tips and techniques

Age Group

Minimum age 10 Years.
Maximum age Any age is right age to learn .

Duration (Hrs)

Total 8


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Smartphone with Camera
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