L1 Mobile Photography For Hobbyist


Endorsed By

Caesar Sengupta

Renowned Photographer

About the Course

There were times, not much than a decade ago that a good old camera which was not even easily portable and today has evolved so much that it is now in our pockets. Yes, your mobile phone camera! This allowed many to express themselves via pictures and videos. If you too are trying your hands at photography but are unsatisfied with your shots because you do not have the professional camera and the gears, then do not let that discourage you. More than often the best camera is the one that you have with you in your pockets; your mobile phone camera.  

Thus, in this imd1 course, endorsed by the legend, L1 Mobile Photography for Hobbyist, you’ll learn in a systematic way the art of capturing stunning pictures from your mobile phone. Taught with a highly practical approach, this standardized course will assist the learners to understand and master the basics of mobile photography. Each chapter is taught by the Guru with proper instructions giving clarity of various concepts supported by detailed study notes and explanations with apt visuals like images and video tutorials to make it easy as well as fun for learners of all age.

From familiarizing yourself with the various mobile camera functions to understanding the concepts of photography, you will acquire all the right foundational knowledge of mobile photography. Moreover, the course will offer you special tips on capturing amazing photos with your mobile camera.

The course is best for any amateur and even absolute beginners who wish to understand and learn mobile photography the right way which is effective and result-oriented. The learners will notice the difference in your clicks automatically as they progress through the learnings of the course.

Nurture your skills and interest. Let’s get clicking!


  • Become familiar with the mobile camera functions
  • Gain clarity on the Exposure Triangle
  • Understand the significance of Composition and Framing Techniques for mobile camera and master them
  • Know about White Balance and how to achieve the optimum level
  • Take perfect Selfies and Groufies
  • Know about mobile photography tips and tricks
  • Learn to shoot videos from mobile
  • Showcase your talent to the community in the best possible manner

Age Group

Minimum age 10 Years.
Maximum age Any age is right age to learn .

Duration (Hrs)

Total 8


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Smartphone with Camera
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