L2 Hip Hop Dance Elementary Workshop


Endorsed By

Sumeet Nagdev

Stellar Dance Artist

About the Course

Hip-hop dance incorporates wide variety of styles and is a continuously evolving dance form. For anyone aiming to learn Hip-hop, it is imperative to learn an array of techniques and moves.

The imd1 Hip-hop Dance – Elementary Workshop is the next level in the learning. This course endorsed by Sumeet Nagdev is standardized and is well-planned to teach the next level advanced techniques of Hip-hop. In this level, it is important that you learn to perform the advanced steps keeping the right postures and stances. The course is well-thought and structured where every technique is taught by the Guru in the right way through stepwise instructions. For more clarity there are video and image references which help understand a step better. The various sessions also teach the stretches, isolations and warm-up as well as cool down exercises. You will also learn about the different styles that has influenced Hip-hop dance form. As you move towards the culmination of the course, the steps will be used to create a choreography and thus, you would gain a better grip and understanding of Hip-hop.

Gear up for advance training and start learning!


  • Learn advanced Hip-hop techniques
  • Polish your moves and stances
  • Develop flexibility, agility and muscle strength
  • Increase stamina and core strength
  • Understand the principles of Hip-hop dancing
  • Understand ways to combine step and way a choreography is developed

Age Group

Minimum age 12 Years.
Maximum age Age is just a number .

Duration (Hrs)

In class 4 | At home 2 | Total 6


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Fitted T-shirt and tights/Shorts
  • Anti-Slip Socks
  • A water-bottle
  • Hair neatly comb, girls can tie a pony or a bun
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