L0 DSLR Photography Touch & Feel


Endorsed By

Caesar Sengupta

Renowned Photographer

About the Course

Photography as an art has come a long way. With the advent of DSLR and constantly evolving technology used for building lenses, the art has gained an impressive number dedicated of practitioners. Chances are that you might also own a DSLR which you utilize to capture the significant moments of your life, or even to learn the skill of photography. However, it is also quite possible that you are unsatisfied with the photos you click or need too many takes for that one good shot or perhaps you always operate the camera in the auto mode. That is because of lack of knowledge about the amazing capabilities your camera provides and its uses. A camera has various functions and photography also works on certain principles. Learning the same will allow you to not just click better pictures but also develop your unique style.

To empower the photography aficionados, unleash the full potential of the gadget they own and maximize their talent, imd1 designed a standardized, result oriented course – L0 DSLR Photography – Touch & Feel. Endorsed by the legend, the course is structured with each lesson plan focusing in depth on the various techniques and principles of DSLR photography. The detailed instructions with explanations in form of images and videos offer clarity on the concepts.

For any beginner, a strong foundation is critical. Only then they would be able to further build on the skills and let their creativity flow. And this course builds the foundational knowledge regarding basic principles of photography, the camera functions and parts, primary concepts of photography, framing, composition and more. Clicking any picture is also about having a fine balance between imagination and technical understanding of lights, surrounding and framing. The course is practical oriented and at each step allows the learner to assess their progress, skills and clarity on the concepts they learnt while also at the same time clearing the many doubts that arise in their mind.

So, if you really are keen on learning the art to make your picture speak a thousand words, then start learning and clicking.



  • Understand the fundamentals of digital photography
  • Gain complete knowledge of all the functions present in a DSLR
  • Comprehend the Exposure Triangle
  • Develop clarity of Aperture, Shutter Speed and ISO
  • Click better pictures in the Auto Focus Mode
  • Have practical understanding of White Balance, Metering and Histogram
  • Learn some of the critical photography techniques
  • Know and understand the different guidelines of Framing and Composition

Age Group

Minimum age 10 Years.
Maximum age Any age is right age to learn .

Duration (Hrs)

Total 8


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Any DSLR
  • Notebook and pen
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