L0 Bolly Hip Hop Dance for Juniors Workshop


Endorsed By

Sumeet Nagdev

Stellar Dance Artist

About the Course

For the ones who are looking to start learning dance or just want to engage in some fun dance activity, Bolly Hip-hop is the answer to all the questions. Bolly Hip-hop as the name suggests, is a fusion dance that blends the urban, western techniques of Hip-hop dance with the eastern Bollywood dance style movements.

Hip-hop dance is free style in nature and hence, allows improvisation. It is mostly performed on fast beats and rhythms with major styles being locking, popping, breaking. It allows to play with pace, musicality and movement. The Bollywood dance blends multiple dance forms, majorly that of Indian classical and Indian folk dances and is performed on variety of music including fusion. It also allows for improvisation. Thus, Bolly Hip-hop takes the best essence of both these dance forms.

imd1 Bolly Hip-hop Dance for Juniors is the basic course for learners who are keen to dance, are newly exploring the world of dance. This course is standardized and structured in a stepwise manner for the best training. Endorsed by the legend Sumeet Nagdev, the course teaches the terminology, exercises, techniques like Rocking and Jacking, The Cabbage step, and much more.

Bolly Hip-hop allows for choreography to tell a story with Hip-hop moves and Bollywood dance characterization making it a unique dance performance. It is a high on energy dance. Therefore, it has various advantages for physical as well as mental wellbeing.    

The focus is to teach in right manner with proper instructions and right chronology, and that will dramatically increase your ability to grasp the dance moves. All the while this will prove to be a fun learning experience where you relax and flex your muscles at the same time. It might surprise you, but this is a great way to tone your body and relieve stress. Moreover, it also builds confidence in a person, boosts self-esteem, and provides an outlet for artistic expression. A wonderful way to become social is to dance and Bolly Hip-hop is performed both individually and in groups. It is also interactive as more professional dancers do engage in dance battles.

What can be ensured is an enriching and fun learning experience which will leave you energetic and healthy. So, no more excuses. Start today!


  • Comprehend and perform the various techniques
  • Perform vital warmups and cool down exercises
  • Be able to perform the different Bolly Hip-hop moves
  • Learn various styles and techniques
  • Know about the history and evolution of Bolly Hip-hop dance style
  • Boost self-confidence and be able to express yourself

Age Group

Minimum age 7 Years.
Maximum age 12 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 4 | At home 2 | Total 6


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Wear a Fitted T-shirt and tights/Shorts
  • Wear Anti-Slip Socks
  • A water-bottle
  • Hair neatly comb, girls can tie a pony or a bun
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