L1 Ballet for Early Birds An Introduction


Endorsed By

Sumeet Nagdev

Stellar Dance Artist

About the Course

Ballet is a professional performance dance whose origin dates back to the fifteenth and sixteenth century. Being originated around the period of renaissance, it has its own rich historical heritage. With time, it did transform with added variations as it passed through different cultures and geographical boundaries.

It is a beautiful dance style that can allow to follow learnings of various other dance styles with ease. It has its own set of rules and fundamentals.

Seen majorly as just another dance form that one can pick up as a hobby, not many might be aware ballet has plentiful health benefits from physical to mental. Yes, it not just flexes your body muscles but your brain too!

Each movement and technique will exercise the muscles from head to toe. At the same time, ballet requires one to concentrate. Practicing each move develops endurance and perseverance. It instills a unique skill of displaying strength and grace.           

The imd1 Ballet for Early Bird is aimed at teaching our young learners to have fun while learning a professional dance form and honing their dance skills. The course is delivered in a step by step manner in a standardized format by means of detailed concept explanations, demonstrations of steps and techniques and guidelines.

This course is designed for absolute beginners and teaches to comprehend the French ballet terms and learn the basic moves as well as techniques. Before getting into intensely learning the dance form, it is always beneficial to possess correct base knowledge. Thus, the course focuses on building the essential basic knowledge crucial for a smooth learning further. It will also facilitate building of better motor skills, sensory awareness and cognition, improved memory, enhanced learning capabilities and overall raised consciousness.

Ballet can be the start to learning something new and exciting! Start today and relish the benefits of it!


  • Understanding of correct postures and positions of feet and arms
  • Demonstrate the basic ballet positions, ballet barre, centre work, alignment
  • Know the vital ballet terminology
  • Perform the basic ballet movements
  • Improve balance and coordination
  • Achieve flexibility and strength
  • Gain self-confidence
  • Express yourself and dance
  • Have fun and relax while learning
  • Become active and social by practicing in groups
  • Eliminate stage fear and audience consciousness
  • Learn discipline and develop endurance

Age Group

Minimum age 3 Years.
Maximum age 7 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 24 | At home 6 | Total 30


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Wear a Fitted T-shirt and tights/Shorts
  • Anti-Slip Socks
  • A water-bottle
  • A dry healthy snack or a fruit is needed
  • Hair neatly combed, girls need to tie a pony or a bun
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