L15 Art Journey for Juniors Practioner


Endorsed By

The Maestro Painter

About the Course

Art is a diverse range of (products of) human activities involving creative imagination to express technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. The young learners of art tend to think critically and are good observers. They grow to build creative problem and solving skills.

Imd1 Art Journey for Juniors – Practitioner course is designed as an exciting level of learning for the young students of art. The curriculum of this course is drafted and sequenced in consultation with Urmi’s Art Forum. Endorsed by Padma Shri Tilak Gitai, to ensure best delivery of knowledge. Delivered with an in-depth clarity on the concepts, it makes each session fun-filled and full of insightful learning.

The course focuses on teaching of various method of art forms such as Rock Art, Motif’s, Still lifr, Cartoon featuring and much more. While the sessions keep imparting vital tips related to the concepts, they also teach the tips to using and maintaining the tools, equipment and colors.

The learners take away Bani Thani Miniature painting and Typography. This leaves them with new knowledge and makes them capable to take the next level in their journey of learning art. 


  • Learn the vital tips for techniques like Bani Thani Miniature Painting, Pencil Rendering, Color Pencil Rendering, Knife Painting, and Canvas Painting
  • Understand the principle of Portrait Structure and be able to implement it
  • Understand and experience Colors more deeply
  • Learn to draw Cartoon Features in various expressions
  • Learn the art of creative designing texts
  • Understand and implement Imaginary art – express your thought and concepts through it
  • Draw visually impacting, depth and dimensional artwork with Still Life technique
  • Enjoy the Rock Art
  • Design your few organic motif
  • Discover about the Canvas texture painting
  • Learn about interpreting art and imagine a composition from your own thoughts
  • Study about portraiture structure art, ways to depict the right expressions

Age Group

Minimum age 9 Years.
Maximum age 14 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 31 | At home 9 | Total 40


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • A3 drawing sheets
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Copy of the reference image (6”x 6” size)
  • Waterproof Black Sketch Pen
  • Palette
  • Round brushes
  • Flat brushes
  • Spill pot
  • Rough cloth
  • Geometry box
  • Poster Bottle Set (24 or more)
  • Poster bottle (set of 18 or more)
  • Big color palette
  • Water color Cakes (set of 24)
  • Palette knife
  • Texture white bottle (100 ml)
  • Pencil 2B, 4B, 6B & 8B
  • Micron Blue pen (0.5-0.09 mm)
  • Charcoal pencil
  • Smudging tool
  • Color pencils (set of 24 or more)
  • Crayons (set of 48 or more)
  • Canvas board (size 12”x 12” or similar)
  • Specific materials required for each session is mentioned separately under each chapter/part
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