L13 Art Journey for Juniors Elementary


Endorsed By

Padma Shri Tilak Gitai

The Maestro Painter

About the Course

Learning of art never really ceases because it is ever evolving. And thus, there is plenty to explore for the enthusiastic learners.

Imd1 Art Journey for Juniors – Elementary course is designed as a next level of learning for the young students of art. The curriculum of this course is drafted and sequenced in consultation with Urmi’s Art Forum. Endorsed by Padma Shri Tilak Gitai, this course teaches newer techniques like animal portraiture, palette knife painting, still life composition, motif drawing and more. Further, the learners build upon the existing learning by discovering and practicing advanced levels of the techniques already learnt.

The course also focuses on teaching the different ways to use varied types of materials in making art. In addition, the learners are introduced to and taught the mixed media art to understand the concept of coloring. While the sessions keep imparting vital tips related to the concepts, they also teach the tips to using and maintaining the tools, equipment and colors. The learners will also discover the doodle art, 3D letter art and fabric painting.

The learners take away critical knowledge by studying the painting techniques of Edvard Munch and practicing Paper Tearing Art inspired by Huskmitnavn. This leaves them with new knowledge and makes them capable to take the next level in their journey of learning art.


  • Learn Zoom Out Art using Scratch Out technique
  • Comprehend ways to deal with texture and dimension to depict different elements
  • Understand Animal Portraiture Art by picture observation
  • Discover the Material Art effects by understanding their different textures
  • Create different effects for material art
  • Learn Palette Knife painting and create one-point perspective art through it
  • Draw a still life composition of natural objects
  • Create textures art with bits of papers using analogous color schemes
  • Learn Paper Tearing Art inspired by Huskmitnavn
  • Discover the mathematical geometry and symmetry art of drawing motifs
  • Draw object using one-point and two-point perspective
  • Make poster depicting social causes
  • Learn caricature art and learn to draw expressions
  • Draw and color a memory drawing subject to understand mixed media art of water color and oil pastels
  • Doodle with ink and pen and learn more about doodle art
  • Learn 3D Lettering Art by drawing words and drawing together
  • Learn fabric painting by painting on t-shirt
  • Study painting techniques of Edvard Munch and its application
  • Learn the vital tips for techniques for Soft Pastels Medium Tips, Pencil Rendering, Color Pencil Rendering, Knife Painting, Canvas Painting, Ink Painting
  • Learn how to maintain tools, equipment, and colors
  • Understand principle of design – ‘Mind Art’

Age Group

Minimum age 9 Years.
Maximum age 14 Years.

Duration (Hrs)

In class 30 | At home 5 | Total 35


Students should carry following in backpack:

  • Specific materials required for each session is mentioned separately under each chapter/part
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